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Lmao, I never post, and yet here I am...

So I really like this one dude, but I'm afraid he doesn't like me. (That's just always my story. No guy has ever liked me in that way.) So this time, I started liking him despite the fact that he had a girlfriend. I felt really guilty every time I was with him; I just wanted to get closer to him, to get to know him better, and I told myself that I wasn't trying to get in his good graces to steal him away. But inwardly, I really think I was trying to separate him from his g/f, even though she seemed sweet and everything. I had no reason to dislike her, other than the fact that she was dating the guy I liked.

So I guess to "repent" for my guilt, every time I thought he was sending a weird signal to me, I just brushed it off. By weird signals, I mean things like when he said I was hot (do guys with g/f's say that to other girls?); or when he brought me some of his dinner for me to eat and I was like noooo, but he was like, 'I wouldn't bring it for you if I didn't want you to eat it'; or when he invited me to his place to drink some soup at like midnight (albeit, he did later invite his g/f over, which threw me off). So every time he did something like this, I would just say 'thanks' really obnoxiously to act like it didn't mean much to me, when in fact, I was just soaking it up and loving it.

Argh, I am such a girl. And it's just so weird, because if you knew me for real, you'd say I was one of the un-girliest girls you'll ever know. It goes to show that no matter how aggressive or in control I want to be on the outside, I'm still just an emotional woman on the inside.



Feb. 4th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
I knowwwww... he's so weird. I asked my friends, girls AND guys, whether he was hitting on me or was just being nice; and my friends' verdict was that he liked me. BUT HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. Err... did. They broke up, er... they're takin' a break? Lmao. Anyway, when they were going out, I didn't really notice if she was annoyed... I didn't actually know her. She didn't seem annoyed about when I was alone with her man drinking soup.

So now that he's single, I can tell that all those things he did were just to be nice. He hasn't treated me any differently than before, and plus, he's pretty distraught about his ex. So lesigh. I hope no one else snatches him up, because then I'd be like, well wtf. Andomg, this reply is a book. LMAO.

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